DIY Lighting

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 4.39.48 PMI’m working on a music video by a great song writer and talented musician named Danny Petronie.  This isn’t a documentary and of course I don’t believe in artificial lighting of documentaries anyway.  But when I saw this picture below I thought it was worth sharing and explaining how I did my DIY lighting for a fireside scene.  It was quite simple, cheap and worked great.  I used three flood lights on the ground (2-yellow and 1 red) and an  LED light taped to a ladder behind Danny to give a moon effect as back lighting.  The LED light was a Ryobi 18-Volt flashlight Model# P705.  It cost $20 for the LED and $30 for the three flood lights.  A lot cheaper then a lighting director.  I should add that after this photo was taken I had to move the floods around a little to soften the shadow from the guitar. However, this photo does illustrate the simplicity of lighting unusual scenes.

IMG_5437 (1)

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