My new iPhone documentary – “BROTHERS” 2017

Brothers NEW Poster FINALMy new documentary “Brothers” wasn’t a planned film.  It all happened when I agreed to teach a DIY documentary workshop at Red Bank’s Count Basie Theatre this summer and wanted to experiment with iPhone filmmaking.  I started filming two childhood friends of mine who were living in the woods to use as an example on how to film with your iPhone.  I visited them once a month for two years, filming bits and pieces of them without any real vision or plans.  But then like all great documentaries, there was a surprise ending to theirstory that I never expected.  When I reviewed all of my footage, I realized that I had a fascinating story that needed to be told.  The unobtrusive iPhone filming was not only HD quality that looked as good as my pro camera, but the low key approach proved to make the film feel more authentic to the viewer than a traditional documentary that follows their subject with a film crew.  This entire film was shot with an iPhone.  There were no apps or accessories used in the process.  Check out the trailer below and visit the Indie Street Film Festival for details about the upcoming “Brothers” film premiere.

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