What is DIY Documentary?

diy-logo33I decided to create this blog to show people that making a documentary film is not as difficult as they may think.  Now that we have iPhones, GoPros and DSLRs with HD video, along with the high quality inexpensive video cameras on the market; making a decent doc is much easier then most people realize.  In addition to the cameras, you have iMovie editing on Macs, Windows Movie Maker and inexpensive pro editing software like FCPX.  So if you have an interest in storytelling and want to learn more about documentary filmmaking, this blog can help you with making your own “Do-It-Yourself” documentary.

I learned a lot over the last 10 years by making documentary films by myself.  I’m not saying that it is easy to make a good documentary by yourself, but it is in reach to anyone who has a video camera or even just an iPhone and access to a computer.  It’s unfortunate that most people believe that you need to have a film school education, expensive gear, a professional film crew working with you and a lot of money to make a documentary.  The reality is that you just need to understand how to tell your story.  The emotional impact of a good documentary that keeps a viewer interested while being entertaining has nothing to do with the cost of the camera, the size of the crew or the budget of the film.

The truth is that if you have a good story and are willing to learn the process of story telling through film, you can make a pretty good documentary with no previous experience.  It just depends on how much passion you have to make the film and how hard you are willing to work.  I am a self-taught filmmaker who learned filmmaking on my own by attending workshops and seminars, as well as studying successful documentaries, and the techniques of great story tellers.

My hope is that young aspiring filmmakers who never made it to film school, as well as middle aged and retired folks who missed their calling and always wanted to get into filmmaking, see the possibility of making their own documentary.  It excites me to think about everyday people making films on their own instead of just film school graduates involved with large studios, expensive equipment and big film crews.  The playing field is even, the equipment is inexpensive and easy to operate.  Sign up for this blog, attend one of my workshops and get started on your first documentary today!

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