The DVD is Still Alive

unknownWhen I bought my iMac about 4 years ago, Apple didn’t include a program to create DVD menus.  They only had a very simple basic DVD menu that is part of the FCPX editing software.  A friend of mine bought the latest iMac a year later and they didn’t even include the DVD burner as part of the iMac.  The reason may be that as Apple’s iTunes has eliminated the need to purchase a CD, Apple may want to get closer to eliminating the DVD for the same reason.

Regardless, it’s no secret that we are getting closer and closer to eliminating DVDs from distribution as VOD streaming becomes more and more popular, cheaper, better and easier.  Like music CDs, we are slowly seeing the decline of the DVD. But don’t give up on this important digital format yet.  DVDs are tangible and that is helpful when you want to send or give a copy of your doc to someone.  A DVD has a special tangible value that a Vimeo or YouTube link does not.  Links get lost and forgotten about very easily when they are sent by email.  Plus they are not at all sexy or interesting in any way whatsoever.

Another reason to have DVDs made of your doc is  because you will have a DVD case.  If it’s done well, it will become a billboard for your movie and can get someone to watch it just based on the tag line, artwork, a few photos and the synopsis.  If you mail your DVD to someone who you want to watch it, that person must at least look at the case it came in.  That gives you quite an edge over an e-mail with a Vimeo link and a password.  The most important reason to get DVDs made professionally is that when you get your doc completed, you want to sell DVDs. Whether it’s at a 300 seat theater or 20 people from the community in the church basement, when the film is over you should have DVDs available for people to purchase.

The last thing I want to mention is that there is a pretty big market for educational purposes, like libraries and colleges.  I will write about this in detail in the future…but for now, the DVD is like a book and the library wants to have your tangible film so that they can lend it out to people who may want to watch it.

I want to be clear about this post…the main reason I am writing about the dying DVD is to let people know that Disc Makers in Pennsauken, NJ is an incredible business that gives the highest quality of service that I’ve seen in a long time.  I am not affiliated or receiving anything for this plug, I was just so impressed with their service that I want DIY doc makers to know about them.  Every aspect of their operation is based on easy and efficient ways to place an order and proof artwork while understanding the process involved with your order.  Their customer service is second to none and their rates are as low as you could ever ask for. Most important, the quality of their printing and DVD duplication is impressive.  So if you are thinking about DVDs for you next DIY doc I would highly recommend Disc Makers.

Disc Makers


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